Indibilis and Mandonius

They were leaders of Ilergetas, people that occupied aproximately the region among the Ebro river, the Pyrenees mountains, the Segre river and the Gallego river. 

The Spanish chieftain Indibilis fought with the Carthaginians in Spain against Rome. In 211 BC they helped to defeat the brothers Publius and Gnaeus Scipio around Castulo near Linares, Jaen.

When they felt betrayed by maltreatment at the hands of Hasdrubal Gisgo and they changed side helping Scipio (later Africanus) in 208. But when Scipio fell ill and the Roman army mutinied in 206, Indibilis staged an uprising.

Fighting another time on the Carthaginian side, they collaborated with Hasdrubal in the battle of Baecula (Bailen). They were defeated, captured and pardoned by Africanus.

After their liberation, and following Scipio's departure from Spain, they led a further general revolt against the Romans in 205 . That final rising was crushed: Indibilis died in the battle and Mandonio was executed.